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  1. Rafale M للبحرية الفرنسية

    Rafale M للبحرية الفرنسية

  2. Ethan

    F-35B Pilots Will Make Rolling Landings Like This To Board Royal Navy Carriers

    Fixed-wing aircraft carrier aviation is not cheap, and short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft have a limited ability to bring back unspent fuel and ordnance to the ship after a mission is completed. This means good gas gets dumped, and even worse, weapons that cost thousands to...
  3. Ethan

    US Navy Looking At Bringing Retired Carrier USS Kitty Hawk Out Of Mothballs

    As the US Navy struggles to figure out how it can reach its new goal of a 355 ship fleet—up from 275 ships today—as quickly as possible, it has been looking towards extending the life of the ships it already has in service. Now the service is also examining the possibility of selectively pulling...