1. Ethan

    Saudi-Qatari Row Puts The U.S. And Its Military In A Bad Place At A Bad Time

    Led by Saudi Arabia, some of the most powerful states in the middle east, including Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain, have cut ties with Qatar. The fissure, which could have massive geopolitical and military repercussions, seemed sudden, but the reality is that tensions between the Kingdom and Qatar have...
  2. Muhammed Fatih

    Qatar has ordered 1500 BMC Amazon

    According to the news; Qatar has ordered 1500 BMC Amazon. The first 35 vehicles will be delivered in April and all vehicles will be delivered within 2 years.
  3. Gasoline

    السـعودية وقـطر يُـبدون إهتمـام بمنـظومة THAAD ومسـؤول في لوكهيد مارتن " نتـوقع تـوقيع عـقود "

    By Amanda Macias , Jul 9,2016 The United Arab Emirates became the first foreign buyer after signing a deal with the Department of Defense for $3.4 billion. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have "expressed interest," according to Richard McDaniel, vice president of Patriot Advanced Capability...