1. صقورٌ فالمساء و فرسان على الأرض

    صقورٌ فالمساء و فرسان على الأرض

    صقور السعودية تقوم بمناورة اما مجموعة رمزية قوات الدفاع الجوي و سلاح المدفعية
  2. Ethan

    Baltic states push US on Patriot missile defense deployment

    HELSINKI — The NATO-aligned Baltic states are to pursue greater collaboration on the joint purchase of offensive weapons systems. Baltic governments, motivated by unease over a more unpredictable Kremlin, also want the U.S. to house the Patriot air-and-missile defense system in the region to...
  3. Gasoline

    السـعودية وقـطر يُـبدون إهتمـام بمنـظومة THAAD ومسـؤول في لوكهيد مارتن " نتـوقع تـوقيع عـقود "

    By Amanda Macias , Jul 9,2016 The United Arab Emirates became the first foreign buyer after signing a deal with the Department of Defense for $3.4 billion. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have "expressed interest," according to Richard McDaniel, vice president of Patriot Advanced Capability...