1. ابن الجبهة

    تركيا تحصل على نظام الدفاع الجوي مامبا

    وقعت وزارات الدفاع في تركيا وفرنسا وإيطاليا، على اتفاق "إعلان نوايا" حول تعزيز التعاون في مجال تصنيع أنظمة صواريخ دفاعية بين البلدان الثلاثة. جاء ذلك خلال اجتماع لوزير الدفاع التركي نور الدين جانيكلي، على هامش اجتماعات وزراء دفاع حلف الأطلسي (ناتو) مع نظيريه الفرنسي فلورانس بارلي، والإيطالي...
  2. Ethan

    MBDA completes Sea Venom/ANL carriage and jettison trials on Lynx

    MBDA has performed air carriage and jettison trials of the Sea Venom/ANL anti-ship missile from a Royal Navy Lynx HMA.8 helicopter The initiative is designed to boost the export appeal of Sea Venom/ANL to legacy Lynx and Super Lynx users European missile house MBDA has successfully performed...
  3. Ethan

    EDA launches study on 3-D printing

    The European Defence Agency (EDA) is launching a new study on 3-D printing to see how the process could help spur defence technology and production developments, the agency announced on 7 April. The EDA has contracted Fundación Prodintec and MBDA to conduct the study, with a report expected by...
  4. Ethan

    Britain, France tap MBDA for study toward future cruise, anti-ship missiles

    PARIS – Britain and France signed an agreement to launch a €100 million ($108 million), three-year study by European missile maker MBDA for a future cruise missile and anti-ship weapon, the British defense ministry said March 28. That defense agreement with Paris was announced just ahead of...
  5. Ethan

    MBDA readies Enforcer for moving target, air-burst trials

    First shoulder-launched firings of a qualified Enforcer system are scheduled for 2018 An optional anti-armour warhead is under consideration MBDA Deutschland is preparing for a series of moving target and air-burst engagement trials with its KFK (Kleinflugkörper - small missile) Enforcer...